The phrase “here be dragons” is fabled to have been put on old maps to mark uncharted territory. Beyond the known territory could be anything, so why not put dragons there, since they are big and scary (except the one in The Neverending Story, which is totally cute), and people fear the unknown as well. Not sure there’s a connection there. Whatever.

Funnily enough, according to my research (Wikipedia) there was but one globe (which is not even a real map!) that actually had the phrase hic sunt dracones (which translates to here be dragons) written somewhere around Asia, rendering this whole thing an amusing yet completely incorrect myth. But facts have never stopped anyone on the internet, so why not …

I like the idea of the uncharted, undiscovered being represented by dragons. Because everyone loves dragons, amiright? Of course it’s here be dragons; be as in subjunctive mood, meaning there probably are no actual dragons 🙁
Don’t worry, you can always imagine them … (wait did I just do that? I don’t even like that band! No not even Radioactive.)